น้ำผึ้งป่าเดือน 5 น้ำผึ้งแท้ Raw

  • RAW ORGANIC FOREST HONEY 710 g. Happy Mate Brand , Value from the forest.
  • Happymate Honey is extracted only from the best quality honey of the year. From the deep dquatorial jungle, extracted directtly form the “real” beehives without any heating process by the trained hill tribe people.
  • Every bottle contains flecks of 100% natural organic ingredient.
  • HappyMate honey is completed unrefined and unheated in order to keep the “crown jewels” such as enzymes that are valuable to your health
  • First Thai Certified Organic Honey! Happymate Honey is certified by Bioagricert and proudly accredited by IFOAM. To quality for this accrediation